BOD Meeting Minutes, Winter Advisary, and Small Updates, and new Board Members Needed.

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Good Morning Folks,
Just wanted to remind everyone that the Parking Lot Permits will be enforced this month. Make sure if you haven''t picked up your parking permits yet, please do so. Each owner should be receiving a permit for themselves, and a guest permit as well. Keys to each unit should be also handed in to Marathon.
This week also has a freezing temperatures. If you have units with a kitchen sink on a back wall, most likely those pipes will freeze and possibly bust. Make sure you.. keep those kitchen cabinets open, the heat on, and trickle the water during times when it is 24+ hours of freezing temperatures.
As far as the meeting minutes, we are in good shape. We are looking at roofing pricing for 3915 as well as other building units. Hats off to @DNLeeper and the Marthon Team for getting our financials in shape and assistance with all of the HOA Efforts.
Lastly, we need 2 more Board Members to join the board to replace 2 vacancies form previous Board Members. If you are willing to volunteer, our meetings are approximately a half hour, virtual, and are every month. Please contact myself @joel if you''d like to participate.

Thanks again and Happy Thursday!


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