Below Freezing Temps This Weekend

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22 Degree temperatures are expected Saturday.

Slow trickle water drips though the day can prevent pipes from freezing, cabinet under kitchen sinks need to be opened as well.

Properties that have kitchen plumbing on outside walls, will ALWAYS flood with these types of temperatures. It never fails.

Be safe! Look after your neighbors, Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!


  • joel24th December, 2022

    @Jus82283 We can discuss frozen pipes here. It looks like the temperatures aren't going to get above freezing until Monday. Which means, a hair dryer to the wall where the frozen pipe is suspected or a space heater in the room should help.

  • joel24th December, 2022

    Also @Jus82283 @DNLeeper (Neal Leeper is the Point of Contact) going forward but the official start date for the new management is January 1st.

    Until then, John Shelton from National Property Management is managing up until Dec, 31st.

    • DNLeeper24th December, 2022 Reply

      Hello! That is correct. Marathon Property Solutions is the management company moving forward - starting January 1, 2023. The current weather is a problem for approximately 26 states - and the issues you are having are happening to millions. Your Tenant will have to be proactive - and as Joel stated - heaters, hair dryers, etc., to keep the water moving are all good suggestions. The best resolve will be when the temperatures heat up and everything gets back to normal.

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