HOA Board Meeting 2-15 -2023

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Present: J. Frank

Joel WebbPresent

Rae Allen

Neal Leeper

Debra Saladin
Joel asked Neal for updates since Marathon Property Management has managed the property:

Marathon has been making contact with property owners, with some contacted owners not aware of the new management. He feels like they are doing a pretty good job contacting owners.

New towing signs have been put up and they are working to get rid of non working and abandoned vehicles. They are writing notices for these vehicles and attaching to these vehicles.

Bids have been submitted for landscaping

Trimming trees and bushes. Security cuts would trim all bushes to 3 feet and below and trees to 12 feet.

He is currently working with an attorney on next steps for those with higher dues owed the association.

Marathon has set up payment plans for those they have been able to contact.

All dumpsters are to be switched out by February 28, 2023

No additional business

No votes needed.

Closed the meeting at 8:20 pm

Next HOA Board Meeting is March 15, 2023


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