CRA Board Meeting Minutes 8/23/23

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CRA board meeting 8/23/23

7:00 pm-Held at the gatehouse

In attendance were:

Joel Webb

Patty Webb

Patty Easterwood

Stephanie Kretz

Bank account has about $10k which is only half of what is needed to fund the yearly budget to take care of basic operational needs.

We made a decision to turn off the gatehouse lights effective tonight. We will use this as as a talking point to remind neighbors. Street Captains will canvas homes to explain to neighbors that we had to make cuts because we don''t have enough funds. Only ~30% of neighbors are paying dues.

We are asking street captains to hand out flags to the homes who paid and to knock on doors of those who didn''t pay (and new neighbors). A good conversation starter:

"We noticed the newsletter didn''t include a way to pay by check so we are walking the neighborhood collecting checks/dues from those who would have otherwise paid".

Daniel Flores was voted onto the board as a member tonight.

We need to define board positions by April 2. We are looking for more board members, from all surrounding areas.


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