CRA Board Meeting Minutes - May 2023

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Patty Webb

Joel Webb

Terry Murphy

Betsy Hernandez

Gate House Renting

* - Realtor would be ideal (Patty to look into the logistics of this. Looking at a Triple Net Lease for 1 year with a Tenant Improvement Letter to cover WiFi, Internal Upgrades/Updates, HVAC/Furnace Maintenance.)
Holly Bush Trimming - Have Quote, but need 5k for funding. Deferring to late Summer.

Internet Payments and drop off box to replace PO Box.

- Going to stress paying online or pay the street captain directly.

- Retirees, pay your Street Captain

Invoicing for June

Newsletter- @Kretz, Stephanie Ballard Can you come up with something?

1. Invoice For Dues

2. Land Covenants

3. Budget and Summary from last Year.

4. Additional common area donations. Patty Easterwood, Pondfield Areas, Individual Streets, please contact Joel for assistance. Additional pay areas for individual parts of the Cardinal Common Grounds to not come out of the general budget. Social Committee Tickets, Sagamore Park, Pondfield Common Area.

Street captains would deliver on non-raining days in end of June grin

Pondfield Common Area:

Can we sell the empty lots? Not sure, looks like an easement.

Current Mowing Costs - New Mowing Company getting rave reviews. Also doing cross-cuts and mowing specifically for tall fescue grass.

Landscaping Costs Reimbursement - Not needed for Betsy. THANK YOU for your landscaping work!

New Signage - Considering new elegant signage for Poolside and GateHouse signage to provide an updated look to the community.

Reply all if you have any questions/concerns, etc.


  • cheerchica131st May, 2023

    PLEASE update the signage!!! haha Cardinal Swim and Tennis Club paid for the entrance sign on that side, so replacement would have to be in agreeance with them. (I am on the board if you need assistance with that)

    • joel31st May, 2023 Reply

      Thank you for the reply. @Saldarini Never mentioned any of this during the transition or any agreements. Nor is there any documentation of the agreement. However, here is what is showing the CRA common area that is in question:

      But this being said, we are exploring different styling for future Board Votes for an updated look within the community.

  • cheerchica131st May, 2023

    Your map is correct. The pool board has maintained the sign and the island that it is in since going member owned. I don't think there was ever anything in writing, but I can get you the current board's president contact info if you would like!

    • joel31st May, 2023 Reply

      Agreed that there are multiple locations that are community maintained in addition to what the CRA provides. The Sagamore Culdesac "Sagamore Park", as well as other culdesac's are good examples. Pondfield common areas as well. But this isn't what I'm referring to here:
      Here is what was paid for last year in addition to all of the lawn care. Because IF there was entrance maintenance being performed, it simply wasn't done, which is why we had to hire someone:

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