POLL: GateHouse New Paint Colors

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CRA Members. Please review all of the color schemes on our website here, then choose your favorite scheme. Stone will remain unpainted but pressure washed. The main color will be the largest part of the color scheme. Trim; lower left, accent/doors/fence; lower right. Please review, and vote for your favorite on using this poll.

 GateHouse New Paint Colors


  • lkleg5th October, 2022

    I like Nature's Gift, but it says I'm not allowed to vote!
    Laurie LeGrone

    • joel6th October, 2022 Reply

      See my PM about your account.

  • patty6th October, 2022

    What I'm not keen on is the rust color for the doors or the fencing. @Lklegrone @lkleg

  • StewartFamily4th December, 2022

    I'm not allowed to vote but I like Grey Squirrel

    • joel4th December, 2022 Reply

      Hey @StewartFamily ! Simply joking the group, and then you should be able to add your vote.

      Thanks for participating!

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