Cardinal Residents 2023 Newsletter Coming out Soon!

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Great news for this years CRA updated news. First, I''d like to thank our sponsors @JoseVences with Mr Vences Lawncare and @JasonSmith with Smith Marketing, Inc. / Allen Tate Realtors. Please follow them on PropBot profile pages for more exciting news about their businesses.

Over the next few weeks, we''ll be sending out this years Newsletter/Invoice for the CRA annual dues.

As you may or may not know, our fiscal year goes from July 1st, to June 30th of the following year.

This year, with your generosity of being a Cardinal Residents Association member, we have been able to handle 2 large expensive projects. The GateHouse as well as the large Oak Tree that was dead. Photos coming soon in the physical mailer.

We do need to get fully funded this year, so that we can get our hedges trimmed. But this year, we do not have enough annual dues to get the hedges into the main budget. Unfortunately, we couldn''t afford to cut the entire hedges along Fleming.

The CRA Survey we announced a few years ago, provided guidance to the Board of Directors. And priority wise, was the Gatehouse, Fleming Grass, then Hedges.

If you haven''t filled out the Survey for your household, please fill it out here:

But now for the exciting news, is that this year we''ll have our main objectives, as well as side objectives available for funding. If you would like to fund the additional side goals the CRA has, there is an additional monthly fee for each goal should you want to contribute to those specific projects.

CRA Annual membership Goal - 20k

This year''s additional projects:

* CRA Elegant Cardinal New Signage - 4k Goal

* CRA Social Committee - 1k Goal

* CRA Holly Hedge Trimming - 10k Goal

* CRA Sagamore Park Beautification - 2k Goal

Each additional project has their own finance goals. But we won''t be able to execute on any of them until the goal has been respectfully reached.

So as you pay your CRA dues this year, monthly or annually, please consider signing up for some of the side-projects as well.

One more final note: Please pay online, as the physcial newsletter costs 1k of YOUR money to create as well as the PO Box costs $300 per year to fund.

To be a good steward with YOUR funding, we need to have all of our members pay online so that the payments are streamlined, the bookkeeping is kept up to date, and reduce administration costs.

Thanks as always! Your generosity fuels the mission.


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