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We work with a group of investors, such as banks, venture capitalist, angel investors, personal investors and peer to peer lenders whose investment fund were pooled together through our Hedge Fund Service.

With our financial capability, we can finance any viable project irrespective of your location, either small scale or large scale capital project such as :-

*** Business expansion, Aquisition or Startup**

*** Purchase or Construction of Real Estate**

*** Refinance of existing business debt**

*** Purchase order finance or Purchase Inventory.**

*** Equipment Purchase,**

*** Working Capital Provision**

With our variety of financial solutions, you no longer have to rely on local banks for funding. I will provide you more information on request.

For loans between $100K - $20MM. Approximately 1 week to close (and 1 - 2 weeks closing on loans over $1.2M)

Hard Money & Investor Lending / Commercial & Industrial Lending including Joint Ventures / Bridge Loans - “Anything Non-Owner Occupied” Great rates & terms - “Fast Funding” / Quick Closing

Specializing in Fassssst Funding for real estate property. Conventional and private financing for commercial, residential and anything in between. Also doing SBA loans through major institutions.

Conventional & private funding, Hard & Soft Money and everything in between. Purchases, refi, cash-out, rehab, bridge, construction, commercial / industrial + income / investment property. Funding for high end Projects, Acquisitions and Developments, 1031 exchanges.

Results oriented - Customer service driven - Specializing in complicated hard to fund scenarios

Contact us via email at : jmfoster@financier.com

[ Edited by Southcapvc on Date 03/31/2020 ]

[ Edited by Southcapvc on Date 03/31/2020 ]

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Asset Based Lender


I wanted to introduce myself. I am an Account Executive at an Asset Based lender on Residential Investment and Commercial properties nationwide. Reach out anytime as I would love to help! Tim Wolfgram 818.338.9788 **Please See My Profile**

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