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I have a few questions about my credit report. Any information would be greatly appreciated...

1. I filled Bankruptcy Ch-13 in 09/2000,
three weeks later I realized how stupid that was so I wrote a letter to the bankruptcy court and had it canceled.
When I pulled my credit report three weeks ago the bankruptcy was the first thing that was on there. Is this going to stay on my credit report for seven years or can I have it removed?...I am currently in the middle of disputing it, what should I expect?

2. I tried to order my credit score from equifax, but when I did they said I haven't had an active account in six months so a score can't be generated.What exactly does this mean? This is probably a bad thing right?

3. One of my creditors have been pulling my credit report twice a month ever since I cancelled my bankruptcy...this is allso hurting my credit right? Is there anything I can do about this?

4. I currently have thirteen items on my credit report that have a 0 balance and say "pays as agreed", four "charge off's" , nine collection accounts and a BK CP-13
Is it possible for me to come out of this with a decent credit score? I am currently disputing all the negative things and plan to contact any creditors left negetive after the dispute. Any advice would help out alot.
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  • j_owley31st August, 2003

    All the things that got you to the point of conscidering bankrupsey, probably got you credit dings each month, all along the way ( 30 days late 60, & 90 ) if any of those accounts actually went to a collaction agency, that will show up on your report as well ( this is almost as bad as a bankrupsey).

    they stay on your record for 7 years, however each month that passes will mean less of an impact on your credit score which is constantly changing

    Pay each month ON TIME ,and over time your score will correct it self.

    one quicky, ask any credit acounts still open, if you are in good standing, to increase your limits ( you can do this every 6 months ) this will raise your credit score as well


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