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I currently live in California, but I am looking for preforeclosure lists in the midwest. I am interested in Indiana, Illinios, Michigan, Minnesota,Pennsylvania, Nebraska, and Iowa. If anybody knows where I can get some of them or all of them. Any help would be great
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  • jhuff30th September, 2004

    you get list in all states at

    it cost about $25.00 per month, but it is will worth it. it gives you address, foreclosure sale date, attorney, lender, owners names and how much is owed

  • myfrogger30th September, 2004

    Stay away californians! We don't want your kind here! Just kidding although you do need to be careful when buying property here.

    I have a new compeditor from Cali that has been snatching up some of my property leads as he is paying way, way too much money for the properties. One is getting foreclosed on I

    Anyway, you can't buy at 90% of market value here and expect to make money. Our market isn't like yours.


  • jspaeth30th September, 2004

    I was in Irvine for a one week long conference about 5 years ago. I barely had enough money to get back home.

    Judging from how much it costs to eat a meal there verses here, my bet is the RE markets could not be more different.

    Just be aware that what looks very cheap to you might actually be a terrible deal here and way over priced.

  • jhayden30th September, 2004

    What about regarding lists.

  • jem114th October, 2004

    I to live in California and am thinking of investing in another state. By any chance did you happen to attend The "CA Countdown" seminar by Bruce Norris? If so is it worth the $597? I know he says that right now CA isn't the place to invest.

  • InActive_Account13th October, 2004


    Whay does he say that jem?


  • durae113th October, 2004

    Hi! regarding, I read on one of the links from this website that it is a scam.

  • durae113th October, 2004

    Hi! regarding, I read on one of the links from this website that it is a scam.

  • EddiePicasso13th October, 2004

    Most websites that I have used such as the ones listed above do not have good leads. I tried Realtytrac and it had a lot of properties but many were overpriced and had been out on the market for a while. Many of them were also REO. I don't think such websites are good preforeclosure lists. I would stick to local foreclosure lists and local courthouse RE records.

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