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What is the best way to locate the lender of a foreclosed property? smile


  • Stockpro9913th February, 2004

    Go to the courthouse and see if there is a deed of trust. THis should name the lender, amount financed, date of loan, etc. There would also be any other liens and 2nds as well.

  • kepetty13th February, 2004

    I am just getting started and have a full-time job; therefore getting to the courthouse can be a little difficult at times due to the hours. Are there any other reliable sources--preferably at little to no expense?

  • rjs935213th February, 2004

    In trying to answer your question I am curious as to why you would like to know who the lender is? Are you hoping to get to talk to a property that has already been foreclosed before it goes up on MLS as REO? I would think if you know it's already been foreclosed you'd be able to get all the data you want at the same time. If you're trying to get the property before it goes into foreclosure you're going to have the talk to the owner and have then sign an Authorization to Release Information and they will be able to tell you who the lender is. So, in order to better answer your question, why are you looking for the lender?

    Ryan J. Schnabel

  • kepetty13th February, 2004

    This particular case is an REO Property that has a private lender. The listing states the lenders name but no phone number or address. Since it's not a bank, I'm trying to find out how to contact them. Any suggestions?

  • rjs935213th February, 2004

    Ah okay. This is going to sound real stupid, but have you tried the phone book? Maybe http://www.whitepages.com could help? If not there then for about $20 you can do a skip trace. One of those things should work. I would have to think you'd be able to track down this party. Oh I'm assuming you tried to just type the name in google and see what it spits out. Another idea might be to find someone else that used that lender (if it's not too hard) and contact that person to get the lender's information?

    Ryan J. Schnabel[ Edited by rjs9352 on Date 02/13/2004 ]

  • smack6714th February, 2004

    Go the Prince William County property appraiser site and do an address search****Must Reach Freshman Investor status before posting URL's*** It'll probably show either the lender's name or the previous owner's name. If it lists the lender, it may or may not have the address. If not, go to public records for Pr. William County and search for whatever name you've come up with. That should end you up at a deed with lenders name and address. It's very easy to do. I do this all the time in NC counties when I'm researching properties.

  • tinman175517th February, 2004

    I would get a property report, it will show if the laon was assigned and any other kind of judgements, liens, ect on the property


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