Does Anybody Use RealtyTrac?

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I ran across their site, but do not want to pay money for listings.

Has anybody had any experience with this kind of service? If so, how has it been, and would you do this again?



  • cmp30125th January, 2005

    I compared it to real foreclosure auction information in my neck of the woods and found their information to be stale and inaccurate. Waste of money.

  • InActive_Account25th January, 2005

    they are little behind, time wise.

  • 69camaro31st January, 2005

    I found realty trac and paid for 1 month,it is good but im not going to keep the service because it has 8-10 day delay,in other words your local court house records the foreclosure property and owner and realty trac gets posesion 10 days later,you will have investors ahead of you knocking on doors way before whorth it....... :-?

  • estateXchange31st January, 2005

    I recommend trying to find someone who has local service to you. I use which is very accurate because it is based out of Tampa, where I am. The best way to try and find a local company is to ask around at the public records office or checking around with your local investment groups. This will probably be the best way to get info in a more timely manner.


  • Bigsolja3rd February, 2005

    Does anybody know of a good source in Northern California?

  • JohnMichael2nd February, 2005


    Why would you want to do this deal at a 100% debt vs market value?

    You a lacking a few details to get the help you need on this.

    The only way I can see profit is to do a short sale or do you just want to help this customer out and not make a profit?

  • reinatalie2nd February, 2005

    Have you contacted a new lender to see if they would agree to short sale?

  • reinatalie2nd February, 2005

    You never know until you try. Why not just call them and find out.

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