Before Or After The Sheriff's Sales

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I'm new to rehab. I can look at the county website in my area and see what houses were sold to who and for how much. Am I wasting my time to try and contact the purchasers after the sale or the "plaintiffs" before the sale to see what interest there is in selling the property? Often time the plaintiff is the purchaser, typically a bank or financial institution of some sort. If it's before the sale, is it too late to contact the defendant(homeowner) about the property? Appreciate any guidance etc.


  • ligem29th September, 2003

    give it a shot. If they say no, you will not be any worse off. If it is a bank, they probably have a broker in the area that they work with. Try to find out from the bank who they feed property to. Of course, you are only going to follow up on that if the bank choses not to deal with you directly. Good luck

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