Checking Your Report-does It Count As An Inquiry?

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Does ordering your report count as an inquiry that is shown and count against you? What about if I ordered my fico score from a site that will get the score from all three companies? I'd like to check it, but I don't want to rack up too many inquiries, as I made several this past year (auto, credit card, etc).


  • flacorps11th October, 2003

    Ordering your own doesn't count as an inquiry.

    But if you have a third party do it, it could count as an inquiry.

    Better to get info directly from the horses' mouths.

  • compwhiz13th October, 2003

    Ordering your credit score will from legit sites will not count as inquiry on your report. However, if you're planning on getting mortgage financing, better have a mortgage broker pull one up for you - at least you won't have to pay twice.

  • bnorton21st October, 2003

    There are two kinds of inquiries, a hard inquiry, and a soft inquiry. The hard inquiry will lower your FICO. Mortgage brokers, banks, credit card companies, etc. do hard inquiries when you apply for credit. Soft inquiries do not lower your FICO. Credit card companies, mortgage brokers, banks, etc. do soft inquiries when they want to send out promotional material. When you check your own credit, it is a soft inquiry. You will see both hard and soft inquiries on your credit report. When a creditor or lendor does a hard inquiry, they do not see the list of soft inquiries. They see the hard inquiries only.


  • Roswitha21st October, 2003

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  • letsgomario21st October, 2003

    Bruce's answer is right on target. If you order your own credit report, it will always be a soft inquiry and will not affect your score. If you apply for credit and a creditor pulls your score it is considered a hard inquiry and it will lower your score.

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