Time to Pay the 2022-2023 HOA Dues

This will finance us for the upcoming 12 months.

We need another hedge trimming, 9 more months of lawn cuts. Gatehouse needs painting and carpentry. Large dead trees needs to be cut down also.

Annual dues are $120, but several folks pay higher monthly fees to help out more. Please pay what you can.

Please pay here: https://www.propbot.com/upgrade3/CardinalResidentsAssociation

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PTI 2022 Runway Rehabilitation Update - Phase 1 complete

Phase 1 of the 2022 runway rehabilitation project is complete and Runway 5R/23L was reopened the afternoon of June 13, 2022. Runway 5R/23L will be available to operations, however at a shortened length and with limited instrumentation. Federal Aviation Administration air traffic controllers, air carriers, and individual pilots will remain responsible for determining runway assignments.

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Mobile Car Detailing service

L and M mobile car detailing provides a professional car detailing service for a fraction of the price. Please reach out for further details and prices.
Mobile phone: 336-207-4837
Email: linuslingle@gmail.com

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2022-2023 Invoicing will be out in July

Be advised that 2022-2023 invoices for the CRA will be coming out towards the end of this month.

We have a few big expenses to pay for over the next upcoming year. We have a big dead oak tree near the gatehouse that will need to be cut down.

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POLL: What payment methods should be available for 2022 years annual CRA dues?

What payment methods should be available for 2022 years annual CRA dues?

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