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Hello all....My question is, I know a bird dog goes out and finds deals for other investors. How do they get paid? Is it a set fee? Also, how much work is expected from them in the deal...just pass on the lead or more paperwork?

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  • pejames19th December, 2003

    Investors are all different and they each need and want different things from a birddog. The best thing to do is find investors in your area and talk to them and find out what they want and go from there. Hope this helps a bit. if not, contact me and we can talk more.
    Good luck

  • cpifer19th December, 2003

    As everyone here knows, I don't much care for the "birddog" moniker. As a direct result of my loss mitigagion busines, I am able to get firrst-hand pre-foreclosure leads and prospects.

    We charge the homeowner a fee = one mortgage payment to either cure their mortgage problem OR to orchestrate the sale of their home in order to keep the foreclosure from happening. We do a complete "due diligence" on the property; pay-off statements, reinstatement figures, tax records, comps, pictures. a whole work-up and we are able to charge investors between $500 and $2,000 for our very solid leads, intorduction to the homeowner and we usually manage the shor sale procees for the investor as well since w have a relationship with the homeowner and the mortgage company. Does that help?


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