8 Ways To Start Your Day Right

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How you start your day obviously has a huge impact on how your entire day plays out. Here are 8 ways to start your day right so that you become a more successful real estate investor.

1. First thing when you hop out of bed, read your positive affirmations. They should be on a card by your bed, or hanging on the wall. They should contain phrases like "I am the greatest", "I'm a successful real estate investor", "I make $500,000 dollars a year". You should also tell yourself that "today is going to be the greatest day of your life" Also, make sure you smile as you recite these sentences. (Do not think negative; don't start your day on a negative note). 2. Go for a quick walk or jog. Get the blood flowing. Feel energized for the day ahead.

3. Review your "to do" list. Tell yourself that you are going to have a productive day and that everything on the list is going to get accomplished.

4. Do at the very minimum one marketing activity. Get on Craigslist and email some tired landlords. Send an email to the motivated seller that you promised to get back to. Address a few envelopes. Of course, you will do more marketing throughout the day, but if some reason you don't at least you did something today.

5. Eat something healthy (Yes, this is my weak area). Have a piece of fruit or a bowl of cereal.

6. Count your many blessings. Remind yourself how lucky you are to live in the United States of America, to have a roof over your head, to have clothes on your back, to have food in your stomach. Be thankful for your friends and family.

7. Visualize your success. Picture yourself as a successful real estate investor. Picture all of the free time that you're going to have and picture how you'll spend that time--the vacations you will take, the "toys" you will buy.

8. Read a few pages of a book on real estate investing or marketing. Start your day off learning something new.


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