Jeff Adams Rants, Scams, Reviews, and Proof That It Works

Jeff Adams on Tuesday, May 28, 2013 @ 02:03 PM EDT  

Anyone even remotely aware of or associated in the business of real estate has most likely heard the name of Jeff Adams. Real estate investors have specific characteristics and personality traits in common.Jeff Adams Rants, Scams, Reviews, and Proof That It Works

Anyone even remotely aware of or associated in the business of real estate has most likely heard the name of Jeff Adams. Real estate investors have specific characteristics and personality traits in common. Sure practically anyone can venture into the business of investing in real estate, but it undoubtedly takes a special type of person to achieve great success in this business. One of the main qualities that most real estate investors is that they probably have a million things going on at one once. Whether they are speaking at events, mentoring others just getting started in the business, creating their own products, or buying and selling homes and properties, to say that they are multi-taskers is an understatement.

With tons of leads coming in and numerous deals being made, it is amazing to witness the whole process in action. Not only is there a mountain of paperwork to be reckoned with, but there are also tons of property photographs and information, videos and DVDs that are to be viewed, comparable sales rates to be reviewed, and one more phone call that has to be returned. Amidst all this chaos there is adrenaline, excitement, and the rush of making the next deal.

So, why would anyone want to become involved in this seemingly stressful and fast paced industry? For those that are a part of this environment, the reasons are obvious. For one, it is an industry that is open to anyone and everyone. Having no money, bad credit, no prior experience, or major doubts are not going to make your or break you in this business. The more important elements that are necessary in order to achieve success include having the hunger, drive, devotion, and determination to make the deals and accomplish your goals.

It is true that there is fear and doubt involved with any business and this is also the case in real estate. The key to achieving your success in the business of real estate is that you have to be willing to make offers. Making offers is what will lead to the deals and these deals are the keys to success in this industry. Fear and doubt are the factors that need be put off to the side when doing these deals in order for an investor to move forward and get ahead.

In addition to this sense of fearlessness, one has to also come to the realization that even though things may seem chaotic or disorganized on a regular basis, there does need to be some sense of order in your methods. Being thorough and “staying on top of things” are also very important. It is surprising how many deals manage to fall through the cracks just because no one ever followed up on a potential investment opportunity.

Managing and maintaining the organization of your investment business can be done in a variety of ways, but I personally keep track of various activities through the incorporation of several websites. Some of these websites include:

• (auto-responder)

• ( for emailing to buyers list and for information on webinar broadcasts)

•Zillow, Trulia, Backpage, and Kigigi (to acquire comparable sales rates)

•,, and Microsoft Streets and Trips (for location of properties)

•Specialized Buyer and Seller Websites (for lead generation purposes)

•Property Listing Websites (to give information about available homes and properties)

•Microsoft Outlook (for managing appointments)

•A personal assistant (to make appointments, organize plans, and expedite paperwork processes)

All of the above mentioned tactics put into place, still cannot guarantee that the daily events in your business will be as efficient and effective as they can be. For this reason, there is another strategy that can be put into effect that can not only simplify the daily processes that occur in your business, but it can also streamline them and make them more cost effective by incorporating all of the elements of your business on one website which offers you the tools to be awesome. How is this possible you may ask? After numerous attempts and countless hours spent in trying to personally put a game plan into place, I have found that I needed some guidance. So I decided to enlist the services of an expert in the field and that is when I discovered Jeff Adams. What he has to offer takes away all of the reservations and guess work out of what is necessary to become a profitable and successful real estate investor. Generating leads and maintaining the organization of my real estate investing business is practically effortless. What Jeff Adams is offering can be summed up in two words – IT WORKS!

Visit and not only will you learn more about the RealEstateWebProfits Software, but you will also receive a free copy of Jeff Adams’ “23 Most Costly Mistakes And How To Avoid Them.”

Note: This article was written by Jeff Adams, a national author, speaker and trainer who has done over 350 deals over the past 12 years.

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