$1700 / monthly

Meridian Villas

778 Country St. Panama City, FL
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Eagle Apartments

9364 School St. Lynchburg, NY
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$500 / monthly

Old Town Manchester

7843 Durham Avenue, MD
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Home Owners and Property Owners

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Experience the exclusive benefits of enrolling with PropBot and gain access to a wide range of discounts on annual services for your property. Take advantage of our comprehensive platform that not only ensures a seamless experience but also enhances your overall satisfaction.

More accurate estimates on work performed on your property

With PropBot, you can bid farewell to uncertainties when it comes to estimating the cost of work performed on your property. Our advanced algorithms and industry expertise provide you with precise estimates, giving you peace of mind and eliminating any surprises.

Apples to Apples comparison for service vendors

Choosing the right service vendor can be a daunting task. PropBot simplifies the process by offering an Apples-to-Apples comparison of various vendors. You can easily evaluate their offerings, pricing, and customer reviews, making an informed decision that best suits your needs.

Easy-to-use Payment options

PropBot takes the hassle out of payments. Our user-friendly platform offers easy-to-use payment options, allowing you to conveniently settle your bills with just a few clicks. Say goodbye to complex payment procedures and enjoy a seamless experience.

Validate work performed BEFORE you pay

We understand the importance of ensuring that work performed on your property meets your expectations. With PropBot, you have the power to validate the work before making any payments. This ensures that you are fully satisfied with the results and guarantees transparency throughout the process.

Discounts on home services once you are enrolled

Enrolling with PropBot not only grants you access to our exceptional services but also unlocks a world of discounts on various home services. From repairs and maintenance to renovations and upgrades, enjoy exclusive savings and elevate your property to new heights.

Greater Discounts if your HOA is enrolled

If your Home Owner Association (HOA) is enrolled with PropBot, you'll enjoy even greater discounts on a wide range of services. By joining forces with your HOA, you can collectively benefit from enhanced buying power, ensuring substantial savings for all members.

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By joining PropBot, you'll gain exclusive service rights within Home Owner Associations (HOAs). This allows you to tap into a dedicated customer base and establish a strong presence in specific territories.

Earn more money in select neighborhoods on volume.

PropBot offers you the opportunity to increase your earnings by catering to select neighborhoods with high-volume projects. As you consistently deliver exceptional services, you can enjoy financial growth and increased profitability.

Reduce individual negotiation time with individual homeowners.

Say goodbye to time-consuming negotiations with individual homeowners. PropBot streamlines the process, allowing you to significantly reduce negotiation time and focus on delivering your services efficiently.

Provide timely services in a service window to better organize your own travel time between sites.

With PropBot, you can provide timely services within designated service windows, allowing you to better organize your travel time between sites. This enhances your efficiency, customer satisfaction, and overall productivity.

Accept Credit Cards and AHC bank transfers to allow your customers to have easy payment options for your services.


PropBot enables you to accept Credit Cards and ACH bank transfers, providing your customers with convenient payment options. This ensures a seamless payment process and enhances customer satisfaction, making it easier for them to avail of your services.

Show what projects you've done with BEFORE and AFTER shots to attract future customers!

Impress potential customers by showcasing your expertise through compelling BEFORE and AFTER shots of your completed projects. PropBot provides a platform for you to display your portfolio, demonstrating your capabilities and attracting future customers.

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Collect your yearly/monthly dues online and provide homeowners a convenient way to pay.

With PropBot, homeowners can easily make online payments, ensuring a seamless and hassle-free experience.

Provide homeowners a convenient way to pay homeowners dues via ACH automated draft.

PropBot enables automated ACH drafts for homeowners, simplifying the payment process and ensuring timely payments.

Receive a FREE online presence to showcase homes available and work being done in your neighborhood.

With PropBot, you'll have an online platform to showcase properties available for sale or rent, as well as highlight ongoing projects and improvements within your neighborhood.

Create an additional revenue stream from local services purchased within PropBot.

PropBot offers a marketplace where homeowners can discover and purchase local services, allowing your HOA to generate additional revenue while promoting local businesses.

Increase your entire neighborhood's curb appeal and effectively manage your HOA.

By utilizing PropBot, you can enhance the overall appearance of your neighborhood, streamline HOA management tasks, and ensure a better living experience for homeowners.

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Regardless if you are an HOA Board Member, Property Owner or Manager, you always need to have 3 things:

  • Competitive Pricing
  • Stakeholder Notification: Board Members, Property Owners, Service providers
  • Ease of Use for everyone involved.

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