Converting Apartments To Condos

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I would like to assess the feasibilty & cost of converting a 35 unit apt building in Austin Texas. How do I start? Are there companies that specialize in tis process? Thanks


  • myfrogger15th December, 2003

    I am in the process of doing initial research on just that. It is mostly a paperwork mess which an attorney typically completes. An estimate of 70 hours of time max was given to me by my attorney. I quoted it this way so that you can multiply the per hour charge of your area.

  • Tedjr15th December, 2003

    I know someone that can do it . ME. I know an excellent attorney that we can use. He charged $7000 for the las one my dad and I did. I was the sales manager and construction and partner. Be glad to discuss it with you when we meet Wed. I have opened my schedule so we can meet whenever you need.


    Hope this helps some

    Ted Jr

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