Section 8?

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I'm in Jersey and I don't know what a section 8 is. Can someone please help me?


  • nebulousd27th October, 2003

    rental units/housing for lower income families. Usually you'll find section 8 housing in the lower income areas, but I know of others that will provide a section 8 house in nicer areas.

    Basiclly, the government is paying part of the rent, a good percentage of it for the tenant. It's a government assistance program for lower income families.

  • SolutionsKid27th October, 2003

    It's a great government program because most of the time it's guaranteed money.

    If you have a home that may be hard to rent in an okay portion or even nice portion of town, you can have them come out and inspect your home for Section 8. If they approve it, you will be on the list of homes available and trust me, there are more renters than there are homes.

    The Solutions Kid

  • alubeck27th October, 2003

    you can read abotu it at
    Sec 8 tenants ussually have 70-80% of their rent paid by Uncle Sam.

  • classimg27th October, 2003

    In addition you (the investor) can notify the division within the state public assistance program that you have housing available (if you choose theses qualified tenants).

    Eric & Rosa

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