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Im new to investing and I need help with contracts. I need to learn how to fill them out, which ones to use etc. Can someone refer me to a good source to learn or is someone willing to mentor me with contracts? Thanks and God bless.


  • johnnyloans15th June, 2005

    What type of contracts? Purchase contracts?please see my profile [ Edited by johnnyloans on Date 06/15/2005 ]

  • RonInAZ13th June, 2005

    IS the closing handled by a lawyer where you are or a title company?
    $5k is tough to reference without a purchase price.

  • telebroker13th June, 2005

    House is $125k & handled by a title company..
    [ Edited by telebroker on Date 06/13/2005 ]

  • InActive_Account15th June, 2005

    Most people will defer to the closing price and factor 3-4%.

    However, here are just some of what is added up.
    1. 1 year of insurance + 1 Q
    2. 4-6 months of state tax
    3. any broker fees
    4. apprasial (if not paid prior)
    5. several certificates (flood etc)
    6 title insurance

    to name a few - so you can see taxes and insurance play a significant factor in the closing costs - broker fees can add 1-2% of sale price.

    You can have the seller pay some of the closing cost if agreed upon in the contract.

  • Eric516th June, 2005

    I know there is a good club in your area with a lot of investors. I would join that if I were you to get some information.

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