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Hello all,

I am getting ready to begin my journey into real estate investing, and I've got two questions:

1. I am ready to create my LLC (in Ohio where I live and will be investing), and I've found dozens of companies and websites offering to do that for me, who should I use? Any reason to go with one verses another other than cost?

2. Is it worth the extra fees to have one of these companies server as my registered agent verses acting as my own agent?

Thanks for helping a newbie out smile


  • sophiebear27th January, 2004

    zanesville ohio here. You can set up an LLC yourself easily if you have the forms and know where to send them. Many members of the local investors club here in Zanesville have done it using one of those Nolo's Quick Legal books. There might be some software out there too. If i can get a better answer for you soon i'll post again. good luck investing in this snow!

  • rsharp5527th January, 2004

    First check with your state's secretary of state or whatever office handles incorporations, as they usually also handle formation of LLC'c. Some states give you the forms you need to form an LLC, and some even let you complete the forms online. You will still need to prepare an operating agreement for your LLC, but there are good forms available online for that as well. There is no advantage to getting someone besides yourself to serve as agent if you live in the state where your LLC is formed unless you are trying to keep your involvement with the LLC more secret. In that case, however, you will need to take extra care in the formation of the LLC and the filing of annual reports to try to keep your name and address off those documents available to the public. Personally, I think that is not necessary in most cases. If you are not a fugitive, don't bother trying to hide and just let your insurance protect you.

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  • AllCash4Homes27th January, 2004

    I concur go to your state government website(s) to find more information, including forms.

    I recently downloaded Quicken Family Lawyer 2004, and it uses wizards to walk you right through the process, including some simple guidance. Pretty cool, I thought. It even includes wills, trusts, etc., for a reasonable cost.

    Also, I too find the Nolo Press books pretty good on incorporation. Check the library if you're not sure if it's worth it before spending the $$.

    The websites out there I think do add some value added service, but you just have to weigh for yourself if it is worth it.

    The most "hand holding" and guidance you'll get will cost you the most - from a lawyer.

    Good luck to you!

  • Glenn-LI3rd February, 2004

    I did a search for Quicken Family Lawyer on eBay and found last years version for only a few bucks! Not sure if only the 2004 version does LLC's though.

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