New Home Sales Rise M/M, But Signal Caution For Housing Market Going Forward

New home sales increased to a three-month annualized high of 923,000 in January. At the same time, the pace remains below the recent high of 979,000 annualized set six months ago in July. Note that in 2014, when mortgage rates rose by about 1%, permits never declined significantly YoY. But new home sales did.

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Powell says inflation is still soft and the Fed is committed to current policy

KEY POINTS - Fed Chairman Jerome Powell characterized inflation as “soft” for the most part and said the employment picture still needs help. - The pandemic has “left a significant imprint on inflation” and it price pressures are not a threat now, he told the Senate Banking Committee.

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Weekly High Frequency Indicators: Continued Strength In Commodities, Housing, Manufacturing, And Temp Jobs

Summary High frequency indicators can give us a nearly up-to-the-moment view of the economy. The metrics are divided into long leading, short leading, and coincident indicators. The production side of the economy, and in particular commodities, remains very strong. Temporary jobs bode well for further gains in employment. The economy is poised for strong growth once enough people are vaccinated.

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Recession, robots and rockets: another roaring 20s for world markets?

Helicopter cash, climate crises, smart cities and the space economy -- investors have all those possibilities ahead as they enter the third decade of the 21st century.

They go into the new decade with a spring in their step, after watching world stocks add over $25 trillion in value in the past 10 years and a bond rally put $13 trillion worth of bond yields below zero.

They also saw internet-based firms transform the way humans work, shop and relax. Now investors are positioning for the tech

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Strong November Housing Report Negatives Recession, Supports Strengthening 2020

Housing permits made new expansion highs in November.

Housing starts came close as well.

Since interest rates lead housing, the growth can be expected to continue.

This potently negatives a recession now, and suggests a strengthening economy through 2020.

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The Housing Rebound Continues, Strong Evidence Of Recession Risk Receding In 202

Housing permits and starts are long leading indicators.

Permits made new expansion highs in October.

The three-month average of starts also made a new expansion high.

Since interest rates have been declining through most of this year, expect the housing rebound to continue.

The positive news in these long leading indicators is strong evidence that the economy will strengthen in 2020.

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Where’s the recession?

If you haven’t subscribed to FRED yet to look at the US trends, I highly recommended it.

I also follow this guy here that gives an economy at a glance.

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Attn: Business Owners/Project Facilitator,

We are facilitator to an Investor & projects financier/lender who provide funding for viable projects/Business at an interest rate of 2.5%, 3% 4.7% return on investment/loans with 2 years (24Months Moratorium) before the commencement of loan repayment.We are financing private viable Projects up to the tune of 2 Billion Dollars ($2 Billion USD) on Roll & Extension R&E.

We are currently funding for: Starting up a Franchise; Business Acquisition;

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The Economy Now

Do you think the economy is getting better or worse? Over the past couple months since the election the stocks are going up and up, but what about the housing market?

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Is The Weather Really The Blame!

So far they've been comfortable blaming outside influences such as the weather for the bulk of the lousy economic numbers. Some of it is, but not all. What happens when the weather breaks? What will be their excuse then?

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