If I Rent To Own, How Will It Show On My Credit?

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Is there any way? Thanks!


  • GregTanner27th August, 2004

    The only way to have it listed on your credit report is if the person you are renting to own from is a subscriber to any of the Credit reporting agencies. Other than that, I don't see a way to get it added.

  • honii8th September, 2004

    It won't show up on your credit. If you need to use your on-time payments to your advantage to acquire other credit, you can get a letter from your landlord and/or show cancelled checks for the rent you paid. When you get ready to buy, it will be treated as a refinance.


  • myfrogger8th September, 2004

    It is unlikely that this trade line can appear on your credit but you can prove good, on time payments through canceled checks or better yet--using a loan servicing company.

    This documentation will be needed when looking to get a conventional loan.

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