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I am looking for a way to get into Real-Estate investment, but am unable to at this time.
I currently work in the computer industry, but I'm considering a full-time move into rehabbing homes, as a way to gradually move into real-estate investing.
Having formally owned a service business (for 14 years) in the past, I have discovered that I would like to do something similar again.
I already have resources and connections for all aspects of re-habbing. Everything from Carpets to Other Flooring to complete remodeling. I will manage these projects for you.
If there is a professional investor who needs someone to rehab a home or manage the rehab or even do research ("bird-dogging"wink, then please contact me and let's see what can happen. I will be happy to priovide a resume and professional references if you like.
In exchange, I would like the investor to teach me how the business works from the ground up. And, of course, compensation for my time.


  • salras772nd August, 2003

    I will bird Dog in LA/LB/OC/SGV area in SoCal. I deal primarily with 2/3/4 units but always run across SFR and Condos. If interested contact me.


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