AZ & CA Title/escrow Company That Can Close Quickly

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I am looking for titel/escrow company that can close quickly in AZ and CA. Can anybody refer me a good company that can do that? Thanks.


  • AaronSanDiego17th April, 2006

    North American TItle and Escrow....

  • fh4rent5th May, 2006

    Fred Eckert
    Chicago Title in San Diego
    Please tell him I refered you.
    Don McLain

  • mojojojo_18th May, 2006

    title and the loan or only title? we have inhouse title so we can do the whole loan process in less then 10 days

  • chefshop12th May, 2006

    I live in Florida and have been investing here for a few years now. I have found most of my investments to come from the north and then most of my customers coming from the south miami areas. Miami is always on the move but highpriced in the areas that are most attractive. The gulf coast has some good deals going on as far as pre construction deals. For the amount your looking at its not going to be too easy, but its not impossible. I know of an area called Interlachen thats by the gulf, about 45 minutes north of Tampa that has been doing weel. Area has a lot of mobile home use and alot of wetlands but for 1 acre runs around 10 to 30k and theres a lot of people coming from the hard hit hurricane ares that are looking for a fast home and mobile seems to be the thing. I have a few available lots south of orlando in a area that has done fantastic over past 3 years. One of my best deas is offered on this site but the price is a little higher than 20k but its a fantastic investment corner 1 acre lot dividable. If intrested lemme know ill send you some info if you cant find it. If you are willing to finace a little more you should have no problem finding a good deal. If your intrested hit me a email and I might be able to help you some more.
    Florida markets vary and areas of intrest change
    A LOT!!

  • sirbeigealot12th May, 2006

    I tried to email you, but could not.
    I payed for membership today, but something is not working.
    I emailed support, hopefully they can fix the problem.

  • sirbeigealot16th May, 2006

    Thanks for all of the ideas....

    It seems like it would be wise to stay within the outskirts of Orlando.

    I may want to but some land later on, but right now I am focusing on rentals with 10% down.

    I appreciate all your help....I will let you know if I end up with anything in Florida.


  • jackman19th May, 2006

    just for a nice investment to gain on, look at timeshares. we just picked one up in kissimmee (a few minutes outside of orlando and a few minutes from the parks) last year and paid roughly 14k for a double. just found out when i used my week last week that it was now worth about 28k. i also hear that land is running 1mil an acre down there right now.

    just an idea for nice little project for your portfolio.

  • InActive_Account16th June, 2006

    we used to call it crimeshare. I would NOT consider a timeshare, period. There are many many many great opportunities here in Orlando from new construction and condo conversion to rehabs and foreclosures. Come spend a week, rent a car and bring cash.

  • tom1101127th June, 2006

    Hi, thanks for responding. I do have a query in for those very questions and will post the results.

    Let me add a twist. The office space would be used by myself to start a serviced office business.


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