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  Joel, has proven himself as not only a creative investor, but has created the top creative investing web site on the net. - John Locke
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  • Gelt Financial was founded in 1989 and is based on the core values of hard work, transparent services and products, and exceeds the highest expectations in everything we do. As a company, and a great team, we have accomplished a lot that we can be pr
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  • Or you can look in the articles section. Plenty of folks are blogging on wholesaling.
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  • List them in the properties area. Here’s yours. Thanks.[ Edited by joel on Date 06/22/2019 ]
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  • Have y’all listed your occupation as roofers? That might be the first start.
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  • Hi, We are a Team in Central Florida that offer you products in commercial, Bussines, vacation homes, income homes and residential
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  • Here is links of a guy in NC name Max Maxwell(YT) who does Wholesaling. ****Must have at least 5 friends following you in your network before you can post URL's*** There are tons of tutorials on learning about tutorials.
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  • Goodevening, Penny : ) Are you a part of any local real estate associations? [ Edited by infinitelady on Date 06/09/2019 ]
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  • That's great, working with roof repair expert ot without ? [ Edited by go-undefinedundefined on Date 06/04/2019 ]
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  • Hi my name is Penny. I am new to this group. Just trying to learn more about wholesaling.
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  • There is no better time to buy a home than right now! Feel free to call for a FREE consultation to discuss your loan needs today.
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