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  John in his own right is a Research Guru, who can find the correct answers to any creative investing questions asked. - John Locke
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  • I'm looking for jv partners who are able to bring wholesale deals for my buyers. Buyers in my network can close in 10 days or less. All cities and states welcome. Text for more details 215.687.4015
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  • Many real estate agents don't have any CRM lead generation platform which can give everything in one platform.
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  • My name is Tim and I am a realtor working in Washington, DC. I've been with TTR Sotheby's for the past 7 years and just recently made the switch to Compass. I am also very involved with real estate technology products and helped develop a video mar
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  • Are you a wholesale investor ????? Do you like helping people sell their home as fast as possible ????? Right now we have more qualified, exclusive, Motivated Seller leads than we have investors to take them in.???????? I'm looking for 5 investors
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  • The property I am posting is close to the new amazon fulfillment center and Fairchild Air Force Base
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  • Hi, My Name is Silvana. I would like to share some great news about the Real Estate market in me for details..."
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  • Excellent. Do they have an account with us?
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  • I am checking out some of the companies the real estate agent said they would use to market my property.
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  • HI
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  • thanks
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