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Today is Monday, 04-23-2018
Last visit was on 00:00 on 01-01-1970
Joel Webb (joel) posted 1 day ago
Do you have property already in mind?
Sir Justus Abramelech (wealthyInv) posted 3 days ago
How do I get started in short sale?
Stephen Storey (Stephenstorey) posted 5 days ago
Have any of you done master leases on apartment complexes?? If so what have been your results.
Danny Goines (dannygoines) posted 6 days ago
Gitta URBAINCZYK (ernst) posted 1 week ago
I have a great horse ranch for sale, 5 acres could be converted to town homes

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Registered User 1700 7777 18:20 on 04-04-2018
by dhuddy89
joel, ypochris,
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Registered User 826 3733 14:28 on 04-07-2018
by rickpozos2
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Registered User 2249 11078 17:56 on 01-26-2018
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by imhungry
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Registered User 1214 7880 14:35 on 04-12-2018
by ekmarion41
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