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Today is Saturday, 09-21-2019
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Monica Randall (Virtuepv) posted 5 days ago
I'm looking for jv partners who are able to bring wholesale deals for my buyers. Buyers in my network can close in 10 days or less. All cities and states welcome. Text for more details 215.687.4015
onTrack CRM (ontrackcrm) posted 1 week ago
Many real estate agents don't have any CRM lead generation platform which can give everything in one platform.
Tim Sumer (timsumer) posted 1 week ago
My name is Tim and I am a realtor working in Washington, DC. I've been with TTR Sotheby's for the past 7 years and just recently made the switch to Compass. I am also very involved with real estate technology products and helped develop a video mar
Hatem Ben Gamra (Hatem) posted 3 weeks ago
Are you a wholesale investor ????? Do you like helping people sell their home as fast as possible ????? Right now we have more qualified, exclusive, Motivated Seller leads than we have investors to take them in.???????? I'm looking for 5 investors
Becky Stewart (beckmstew) posted 3 weeks ago
The property I am posting is close to the new amazon fulfillment center and Fairchild Air Force Base

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Foreclosure Investing Forum
If you like buying properties at the courthouse steps or like dealing with Pre-Foreclosures, this forum is for you.
Registered User 6733 34969 13:37 on 08-19-2019
by GoldenW
joel, TheShortSalePro,
JohnLocke, bargain76
Wholesaling Forum
Buying Low and Flipping. This forum is great if you like to purchase properties just to sell to others or to look for deals to pass to others for a profit.
Registered User 4519 22373 09:09 on 09-16-2019
by Virtuepv
joel, JohnLocke,
LarryNut, ypochris,
Stockpro99, bargain76
Rehabbing Forum
Forum for the Handyman, and those that like to do the fix-ups.
Registered User 3260 20718 01:12 on 07-08-2019
by Lilced97
joel, jfmlv1950,
JohnLocke, NC_Yank,
Bird Dog And Beginners Forum
If you are just starting in Real Estate Investing and want to get training as well as getting paid, participate in this forum and see how other are starting.
Registered User 5533 27330 16:20 on 07-12-2019
by latimercm7
JohnLocke, joel,
jfmlv1950, ypochris
Subject To Forum
If you are looking to purchase houses subject to the existing financing, participate in this forum.
Registered User 2155 13718 23:15 on 05-13-2019
by mhaggies
JohnLocke, joel,
Short Sale Investing Forum
If you like to deal with banks before the Foreclosure process, this forum is for you.
Registered User 3031 15641 09:37 on 01-02-2019
by stevenengland
TheShortSalePro, joel
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