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Today is Monday, 01-21-2019
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Jen Enderson (JenEnderson) posted 1 day ago
I am licensed in Missouri and Kansas.
o8414496 o8414496 (o8414496) posted 5 days ago

Joel Webb (joel) posted 1 week ago
We have several condos in an apartment complex out of 100+. Because they are condos, the entire complex is not centrally managed. I was thinking to form a Land Trust that multiple owners can put their individual condos into it, and then have it be c
Elvin Russell (stevenengland) posted 2 weeks ago
Real estate agent
David Smith (Ugorian) posted 3 weeks ago
Hi! I look forward to participating in the Propbot community.

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Building And Developing Forum
Building, converting, subdividing, Adding value by changing uses.
Registered User 1079 5728 18:27 on 07-10-2018
by Rdedios
NC_Yank, joel,
commercialking, woodsong
Government Regulation
Zoning / Enviornmental, TIFs, PUD's. Its a free country-- until you try to build something.
Registered User 72 486 09:25 on 10-07-2013
by commercialking
commercialking, joel,
Art of the Deal
Negotiating, structuring, tips, techniques, contracts, leases etc.
Registered User 856 4854 09:30 on 08-16-2018
by TonyNrgBuild
joel, commercialking,
Deals in Progress
***THIS FORUM HAS SPECIAL RULES*** Looking for the missing piece of that deal you are working on? Find it here.
Registered User 452 2340 00:12 on 07-21-2018
by rwarda
joel, commercialking,
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