PropBot - Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions

Q. How many properties can your database handle?

A.'s database was built to support 58 Billion properties and is scalable as we grow, making the premier property listing service.

Q. What type of properties can you list on

A. You can list ANY type of Commercial OR Residential property that is for sale OR for lease. We also accept Land.

Q. What type of properties cannot be listed on

A. We do not accept Vacation Rentals at the current time due to Vacation Rentals requiring different rent rates during different seasons. We will probably revisit this in the future if there is a strong demand.

Q. Which geographical areas do you support?

A. At the current time, we support the United States; in addition to Guam and Puerto Rico.

Subscription Questions

Q. Are the Property Listings FREE?

A. Yes. You can list as many property listings as you want for FREE.

Q. How many photos can you attach per listing?

A. You can attach up to 9 photos per exterior of the property, and 9 photos per floorplan/interior (total of 18 photos for one property).

Q. How many files can you attach?

A. You can attach a file to any number of properties that you have listed with us. For instance, if you wanted to attach a brochure about your company to all of your property listings, you can. OR maybe you want to attach a file to just one of your property listings, you can. Generally, this feature is good for attaching a Rental Application for a rental property and Rent Rolls or Demographic information on a Commercial Listing, etc.

Q. When do I need to upgrade my account?

A. You can either upgrade by purchasing a service level or unlock it by inviting your friends to your network.

Property Listing Questions

Q. My Property Listing was showing up "first" on your list yesterday, but now it's lower on the list. What happened?

A. We "rank" each property based on how much content you provide in the property's listing. For instance, if you ONLY provide a title, and basic information about the property, it will generally appear lower in our rankings, than if you went over and above and provided as much information as you know about the property. We update our listings daily, so you have the opportunity of editing your listing to provide more information to receive a higher "ranking".

Q. Will my property achieve a higher ranking if I provide photos??

A. Photos will help boost your property's ranking, but our ranking system isn't solely dependent on how many Photos and Files you attach to the property. You have the ability to add in up to 9 photos per exterior of the property and 9 photos per interior.

Q. What other tips can you give me to achieve a higher ranking on my property listing?

A. Provide as much information about your property as you can. Make sure you describe your property in the Titles, and use up the description fields as much as possible. Also describe each floorplan (interior & exterior) as well.

Q. How long does it take after I enter in my property listing for it to be approved and active on your website?

A. It normally takes 24 hours in order for us to process your property and for it to show up within our listings. Even featured properties can take that long.

Q. I received a Property Rejected message. What do I need to do?

A.You need to make sure your property listing does not contain the following:

  • Advertising - Any HTML links within the listings will automatically remove your property from the search results. (ie. click here for more info Web links CAN be put in your My Info area. We will include your website on certain pages relative to your property.
  • ALL CAPS TO GAIN MORE ATTENTION TO YOUR PROPERTY LISTING!! SEEMS LIKE WE ARE YELLING AT YOU, RIGHT? Our customers do not like to see all caps in property listings.
  • Incorrect Address - If you aren't including the correct property address, it means we can't plot the property on our map. Make sure you spell out your addresses (ie Main Street instead of Main St.)

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