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  Mark is very knowledgeable and has been very generous with his knowledge and time for many other investors and people just starting in real estate. Mark has a sharp wit and good humor and can explain complicated manners in both a fun and easy-to-understan - Lou Alexander
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  • Corey, Properties are much better advertised in your property listing area ****Must have at least 5 friends following you in your network before you can post URL's***
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  • Hello Everyone. My name is Corey Lark, I currently have a great deal in elmhurst IL under contract. Cosmetic rehab only! Asking: 324,500 ARV: 450k-500k Rehab: 20k-50k
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  • Hi. Glad to be here. I don't have any questions right now. Hope everyone is doing well and closing deals.
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  • hhh
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  • I am just trying to get started and I have a lot to learn.
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  • We had an issue with the search results, but it is fixed now:
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  • it good to be true
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  • I'm a new commercial investor operating out of VA. I'm looking to network, learn new strategies, invest, and build new relationships. I'm interested in more knowledge than purchasing at this point. As a new prospect in commercial property investing,
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  • Here's another:
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  • Book mark this page:
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