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Adrian is a Investor from Pensacola, Florida Adrian L. Goram, Founder NHI Properties, LLC Services Provided: Self Directed IRA Consultant and Investor Advocate for Real Estate Purchases including (but not limited to): Tax Delinquent Properties: Lease-Options Other Seller Finance Options Visit Adrian Goram's properties also

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Joan is a Real Estate Broker from Melbourne, Florida Visit Joan Willis's properties also

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Dyniece is a Real Estate Agent from San Francisco, California Dyniece Abril Visit Dyniece Abril's profile also



Henry Terrace Apartments -The Henry Terrace Apartments presents the opportunity to acquire a stable 74-unit Apartment Community in a quiet, residential Worcester Neighborhood, abutting Holy Cross University. These units historically operate at 95% occupancy and currently has a waiting list. Renovations have been done over the past 6 years including mechanicals, interior units, roof, decks and windows. 74 State Issued Lead-Certificates on file. E-mail Agent for Full Offering Memorandum
Visit this property also


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Richard is a from , Visit Richard McIntyre's properties also

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  • Why do I say that? My son is a carpenter here in IL but is working on a very large project in WI up by Miller Park and Friday he told me his company just landed another $4M rehab project up there! Glad to hear it. PS: We can do rehab loans on USA co
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  • Has anybody heard of a program for home insurance that acts similarly to an HSA? What I am looking for is perhaps something that acts like a savings account for homes that are fully paid for that can be used in the case of insurance. Thoughts?
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  • vertical sanctuary, Please don't put in special characters into your title again. You might want to briefly explain what deals you have going on in a little bit more detail here: What are the p
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  • Thank you Lee. Feel free to share some of your insite here:
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  • I currently have 4 deals under contract 3 exclusive to me. 1. 4plex merriville Ind. 100% OC. 7% Cap. 2. Chicago 9 plex 100% OC 8% Cap. 3. Restaurant Chicago Gold Coast Profitable. 4. 55 -Unit mobile park 60% OC long beach Washington. selling contrac
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  • Lee Arnold here to help you to become an successful real estate investor by providing strategic training as well as offering millions of dollars of funds to achieve the goals.[ Edited by jrudolph on Date 08/08/2014 ]
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  • Photo upload is free, and you should have full access to it.
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  • To marnic2~ I don't know if you saw this property here,or in the property listings. I cannot find your message,nor can I reply. On the chance that you'll see this, contact me for the information. I am not allowed to put anything on here. Propbot won'
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  • I have a 2/1 (set up for 2nd bath) on 2.48 acres in South Carolina. It is a wood frame/vinyl ****Must have at least 5 friends following you in your network before you can post URL's*** f I get a buyer that needs financing, can you do that? [addsig]
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  • It is probably best if you have an actual lending program in our lending area. Private Message so i can get you added in for free.
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