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  • I am not sure. But I would think they are blowing you off as you haven't signed a buyers agreement with them. Most REATORS don't like working for nothing...
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  • Hi Joel thanks for replying I have talked to a couple of people but they seem to blow me off. I have been able to pull up mls listings but not for the surrounding houses to get that info. Do I have to be licensed to access all of them Thanks Rebekah
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  • Learning and looking forward deals
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  • That's going to be quite difficult if you don't have access to the MLS. Do you have REALTOR friend?
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  • I can find sold comps but I am having a hard time finding pending and active comps
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  • Hi Nick, What questions do you have?
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  • Good Morning. You might want to continue to fill out your profile information.
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  • If you're in the Memphis area and you are seeking to purchase or sell property, I can help.
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  • You might want to add this search to your favorite property searches.
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  • Looking for multifamily properties in the houston area.
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