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  • Looking to purchase 20-50 units $3 mill or less
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  • Wholesaler no where to be found but i still want the property. Cnty records show the still at address...
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  • ****Must have at least 5 friends following you in your network before you can post URL's***
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  • New to this site, looking for multifamily properties.
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  • hello
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  • Hi, my name is Chris and I'm looking to get started producing passive income through real estate investing!!!
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  • HONESTY is my BRAND. I help the Seller or Buyer FIRST, invest and rehab is secondary. I rehab my property to compete with new construction. Cheaters go out of business fast, I am in for the long haul.
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  • looking for a cheap House to rehab
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  • I work with Buyers interested in purchasing Real Estate or a Business in South Florida
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  • Does anyone have any apartment buildings in Florida, that are off market and you are direct to the seller?
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