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Built to support 58 Billion properties, is the premier free property listing service.'s goal is to provide FREE unlimited property listings to REALTORS, brokers, property managers, for sale by owners (FSBO's), and the average landlord; while advancing property search and listing technology.

By providing FREE unlimited listings, members of will be able to advertise their properties faster and much broader than if they only posted them on a couple websites for a per fee listing.

Who uses your website?

Our database is used by many REALTORS, Property Managers, Investors, and everyday people who want to find a property fast without having to wait very long to find it. See our brokers page to see actual brokers. also exports listings

We are now exporting our free property listings to other websites (Google Base, internet newsgroups, etc). This is a free service we provide for ALL of our property listings, not just our featured listings. Create your account and get the traffic to your property you always wanted.

What makes your website different from listing a classified ad?

Different from CraigsList and GoogleBase, we provide more detailed listings. With a classified ad, you're limited on the amount of information you can provide, and you're unable to perform advanced property type searches. With, you can search through properties with a simple key text phrase (ie: NC apartment <$2000), or you can click on Advanced Search, and narrow down your properties.

How popular is your website?

Our database is used on multiple websites including This makes us a distribution network rather than a website. At the current time, we have 263,564 members within the community. We have had over 34,178,112 searches since 10-19-05.

How do you make revenue?

We make our revenue by allowing property listers to feature their property. We also provide different service levels to allow bulk listers to have a paid feed instead of a free bulk feed. Most of the time, people put in very minimal information about their property. Those that take their time and add more content to their listing will receive a higher ranking within the searches. More space = more content for your property listings (photos, file attachments) = higher rankings for your property listings.

This means advertising at webhosting prices!

That is correct. Since our system is built to handle as many properties, we prefer to make our revenue while supporting as many users as possible.

Post your listing FREE with us and enjoy this package of features:

Get started today, totally risk free!

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