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  I have done many deals with John and co-wrote the Subject To Course we have on the market. - John (LV)
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  • I am licensed in Missouri and Kansas.
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  • We have several condos in an apartment complex out of 100+. Because they are condos, the entire complex is not centrally managed. I was thinking to form a Land Trust that multiple owners can put their individual condos into it, and then have it be c
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  • Real estate agent
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  • Hi! I look forward to participating in the Propbot community.
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  • Hi my name isCharity. Looking to network with wholesalers and private investors/ lenders.
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  • Good Job!
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  • Where do you buy at?
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  • Hi Cornelius what area are you looking to buy houses in? You may also visit
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  • I am interested in some JV deals in Fredericksburg and Manassas areas. Also leads. Would this interest you?[ Edited by Cashoutyo on Date 10/20/2018 ]
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